Available now are our replica gearboxes, these gearboxes come complete ready to install
with a standard set of ratios,

£15,250 plus VAT where applicable.

This is one of our Recreation Lola's which features our replica FVC engine,
metering units, fuel injection and gearbox.

And this is our first Lola 212 Recreation winning in it's first season at Brands Hatch,
during a season that saw 2 outright wins 4 class wins and a class second
which led to winning the HSCC Martini Trophy

We are also delighted to offer for sale every component
for these gearboxes, with most of our replica components
compatible with the Hewland FT200 gearbox, generally from stock,
from magnesium cases, bearing housings, finger housing, side and end plates;
to dog rings, gear ratios, diffs and all internal components.
All are made to our own exact specifications.

Towards the end of 2010 David Gathercole acquired the pattern-work
and has now cast these cases in high quality magnesium.

These gearbox cases and internals have been cast and machined under our careful instruction
using the same foundries, machine shops and the best materials
as used in our highly successful FVC engines, metering units and fuel injection systems.