David's interest in Motorsport started at a very young age playing with motorcycles, from the age of 11. Both his father and uncle were involved in motorsport, and 'Uncle' Jim still races today, some 60 years on. David started racing at the age of 17 in a home made kart in the old Villiers category, with good results and looked forward to a future in motorosport, however, lack of money was a problem.
David worked at Arch Motors in chassis fabrication and later at Lola Cars in the building of Nissan Group C cars, F3000 cars and development work on the Larousse Formula 1 cars.

Shortly after this David commenced in business on his own, mainly concentrating on MG Midgets and Minis in which he was competing at the time.

David was also competing in the International Supersports Races in his Uncle's Coldwell C14B again having some good results, with the odd Sports 2000 race in a friends car, generally finishing on the podium and using his own engine.

From 1998 through to 2000 David owned and ran a number of MGF Cup cars, although in 2000 he managed to compete in some of the events himself, winning the very prestigious overseas meeting at Spa.

David continued back into historic racing, driving his recently restored 712 March in the French OCEI Championship, winning the 1600 Class Championship.

In 2001 David moved the growing business to Park Farm, Glassmoor Bank where he continued to build Midget and Sports 2000 engines, and he looked after Lorraine in her MGOC Midget, enabling her to win the MGOC Championship in 2001.

His next project was to restore the Coldwell C14 that his girlfriend (now wife, Lorraine) had purchased following her successful championship win in the MG Owners Club Championship in her Midget, which had one of David's engines and had been restored and run by him.

From 2002 to 2004 both David and Lorraine competed in the Coldwell, before a change of category to Classic FF2000 for David saw many wins and a new interest in the engines for this category.
David also turned his hands to Historic and Classic FF1600.

The business also moved into a new purpose built unit on the same site.

In 2003 David was delighted to be invited to drive Tony Wilson Spratts WSM at the Goodwood Revival.

In the winter of 2006 David & Lorraine had the opportunity to buy a number of cars from a collection that was being sold in Canada, this included a Lola 142 F5000, Lola T212's, Ginetta G4, Lotus Cortina and Lotus 18, this collection was brought back from Canada and re-ignited David's passion for Historic motorsport, and the buying, selling and restoring of these pieces of history.
David & Lorraine retained the Lotus 18 Formula Junior, which turned out to be the ex Trevor Taylor/Jim Clark, 'works' car. They also retained the second of the Lola 212's for later restoration.

In 2007 an evening spent surfing the 'net' brought to light a Chevron B34 for sale in the USA, further investigation revealed it was just one of three! And a move once more back into Historic F2 in his newly restored Chevron B25 & B34 was inevitable.

2008 saw David compete a number of times in his Chevrons and also in customer's Sports 2000.

It also saw David re-engineer the newly acquired Surtees F1
car bought by Anthony Hancock to success at Spa.

Prepare and run his Lola 212 at Classic Le Mans

and to success at the Silverstone Classic,

whilst continuing to run Erik Pagano, Andrew Storer and Rod Stead to success in FF2000,
and wife Lorraine in the '18'.
David's engine's continued to dominate in various series and winter rebuilds exceeded all expectations in a difficult economic climate.
Winter saw the restoration of Anthony Hancocks newly acquired Lola 212,
this time to run a brand new Gathercole Cosworth BDG ready for the Classic Endurance Racing Series.

2009 saw David compete in the Historic F2 Championship in his Chevron B25 and he led the race at Monza and Donnington before fate cruelly stepped in to deny him the wins, he did however collect a number of podiums, including Monza, and
ended the season with a win at the HSCC up to 2 litre open wheel race.

David was also privileged to drive Neil Primrose’s Lola 212 and Lola 290 at several events culminating in a splendid drive at the new Algarve circuit when he came through from the back of the grid to 4th.

Lorraine continued to contest the UK Formula Junior Championship and took numerous podium spots, and finished the year with her first International status class win at the Algarve circuit, this saw her again win the Formula Junior Ladies Cup and a nomination for the BWRDC Gold Star Award.

Neil Primrose had a superb first season in his Lola 212, Andrew Storer continued to campaign his FF2000’s and Paul Allen & Rod Stead had outings in Historic F2’s.

Away from the track 2009 saw the development of a replacement for Lucas mechanical fuel injection systems in various combinations from the 4 cylinder 6mm & 8mm unit through to 8 & 12 cylinder units.

Next on the agenda was to remake one of the historic race engines and all the effort came to fruition at the Algarve in October when the prototype aluminium blocked FVC claimed the fastest lap and lap record in the World Sports Car Masters Race installed in Neil Primrose’s Lola 212.

2010 saw David and Lorraine venture out as a couple in various 2 driver events in their
Series 1 Lotus Elan.

They also continued to develop the FVC engine which could now be bored to 90mm
making 2litre FVC's an option.

David and Lorraine also took the next marketing step, and had a website developed,
which Lorraine now maintains and updates.

They also had a a stand at the Historic Race Car Show at Stoneleigh.

2011 saw more of them getting to grips with the Elan, achieving a class win and numerous podiums and fastest laps.

They also continued to develop the business, buying the patternwork to be able to re-produce classic gearbox cases, as used in many of the sports cars and single seaters in the 60's and 70's.

They also had all the bodywork moulds made for the Lola 212, as well as all the patternwork for the uprights and launched a complete range of spare parts for the Lola 212 sports racers.

2012 saw great success for this couple, David, in his first Lola 212 Re-creation
who shook the HSCC Martini world by winning it's class in all but 1 race,
and taking 2 overall race wins,
and with it the 2012 HSCC Martini Trophy.

Meanwhile at Classic le Mans, David and Lorraine surpassed all their expectations by
winning Plateau 4 on the Index of Performance in their trusty Elan
which ran faultlessly throughout the event.

2013 saw the 4th Lola 212 Re-creation sold, and many fantastic results particularly in
Masters FIA Sports car Championship races.

As well as the Lola's doing well, so were the Chevron F2 cars and the great many
FVC/FVA; BDG/BDA; Lotus twin cam and Pinto engines.
Also a great many gearboxes are now servicing our customers.

And, 2013 saw Lorraine get the opportuniy to compete at the Goodwood Revival.
Lorraine drove her Ex-Jim Clark/Trevor Taylor Lotus 18 not only in the Formula Junior race
but also in the Jim Clark Tribute parades.
Lorraine finished 18th (following a spin!) and won the Fastest Lap by a Lady Driver.

2014 saw the last of the first run of Lola 210/212's sold, this one going to America
with a Gathercole 2 litre BDG.

David took a back seat with regards racing to spend more time on his other passions,
flying, cycling and rallying.

But he contined to grow the business,
having patternwork made for recreation Lola 2 part wheels in magnesium;

and more engine components for the BDG, and Lotus Twin Cam engines.

2014 also saw David Gathercole Race Preparation listed in
Motorsport News Best of British Company's top 20, a huge honour.

Our customers achieved great success in HSCC Martini Trophy,
Historic F2, FIA Masters Sports Cars, Historic and Classic FF2000 & Sports 2000.

2015 saw the continuing development of the engine components,
focussing now on the Lotus Twin Cam.
And David Gathercole featured in Historic Racing Technology
talking about the patternwork in progress for the new Series 1/Mk 1 head.

David Gathercole also took on the re-commisioning of an Arrows A1
including rebuilding the DFV engine and resolving the oil system issues.

The car took to the tracks and made it's 'debut' at the Goodwood Members Meeting in early 2016.